adCenter feedback & feature requests

  • What features would you like to see in future iterations of adCenter? What's your top ten wish list? Please share your product feedback in this thread - we'll take your ideas back to the team for consideration, and then keep you posted on the feature request queue and any ETA's.

    Past features we're released due to community feedback include negative keywords at a campaign level, daily budget target, bulk submit option after importing a campaign, the ability to copy an ad group, and more. So your feedback here can help to make an impact and help us shape the product to come.

    Be sure to let us know "why" a certain feature is important to you, and if you have more than one request, let us know which would higher priority than others.


    Carolyn Miller

    adCenter Community Team PM

  • Keyword trigger/search report - I need to see which keywords initiated which ads so i can intelligently build a negative keyword report that fits the demographics particular to adcenter. Its also important to see what keyword calls what ad so you can manage those keywords better - Too often i find i bid on something i feel that is targeted and get clicks but see that someone searching for some town/city/name/business is seeing my ad and clicking on it. Adwords has such a report and its invaluable.



  • Features that i would like to see in future iterations of adCenter are :

    * Provide the option for export entire campaign with keywords and ads

    * Can incorporate adlab with adCenter for doing better research

    * Increase the system speed

    * Can introduce an Editor like adwords editors

    * Can introduce image ads

    * Can expand the "Distribute your ads by language and market" apart from English and French.

     * Can provide an option to pause an adcopy/keywords

    * Browser Compatability - Few options are not working in Firefox 




    Thanks, Rathna "Yesterday is HISTORY, Tomorrow is a MYSTREY, Today is a GIFT, thats why we call it the PRESENT."!

    •  Image Ads - Would be absolutely awesome in AdCenter.
    • AJax interface alternative - It's ungodly slow, prone to errors (my favorite being  an alert saying "Empty." when trying to add  keywords), and on slower computers causes them to just lock up. It would be so nice to have just a standard site that was fast and effecient.
    • Make the "Remember Me" button mean something. I've never had it actually remember me. In fact, I got logged out pretty quickly by default(especially given the slow interface), and then get to start over.
    • Targeted Placement is golden. Especially in combination with image ads.
  • HUGE REQUEST = Change geotargeting from adgroup to campaign level
  •  Map provided for geo actually allow user to select state rather than image only


    Display of Alert messages on the interface when there is new updates on AdCenter and about the campaigns, ad groups in case any disapprovals. It would be helpful for an advertiser to know what is happening on AdCenter and in managing accounts. 

  • Accept Discover??
  • Ah forgot one. The "relevance" bot is completely insane and needs to relax. The fact that the we are actually told by support to keyword stuff if our landing pages when our keywords(inevitably) get deactivated for relevance signals there's a real problem here. I've seen some truly bizarre deactivations.

  • A lot of the suggestions already mentioned are good ones.. i'll just go over my own list.

    1) Ad Group > Keywords tab: Ever use Easynews? Use it and copy their checkbox technique. I should be able to select ranges of checkboxes and update the bids in those checkboxes.
    2) Ad Group > Keywords tab: Do I really need an Actions button with a dropdown when there is only one action? Rename that button delete and make it do just that.
    3) Ad Group > Keywords tab: This may be a Firefox thing but why can't I copy and paste in the bid textbox? When I want to update a handful of bids, normally I would just copy and paste the value to save keystrokes. This problem would be fixed if you implemented #1.
    4) Ad Group > Keywords tab: Get rid of Export to excel and just give me a plaintext list.

    5) Ad Group > Ads tab: Add some kind of unique identifier for each ad. Ad Title is useless when I have multiple ads with the same title. This would really help me with matching up my tracking data with ads.
    6) Ad Group > Ads tab: Why can't I change how many ads I can see at once? If I can only create 20 ads in a group, is it really necessary to have pagination? Let me just see all 20 ads. In fact, being able to select how many rows are displayed on all the datatables would be nice -- and have it remember!
    7) Ad Group > Ads tab: Please, please add a character count to the Create Ad fields. It doesn't have to take into account dynamic variables, it doesn't even really have to do much of anything except let me know how many characters are in that box. It's not helpful to get an error message that says "You typed 97 characters but can only type 75". I have better things to do then count characters.

    8) Tell me the time the performance data was updated, and not just the date. I don't know if this would be possible, but it'd be nice.

    9) Fix UI/Backend problems. Each day I use adCenter is another day I experience randomness. Whether it is data not showing up, forms that stop working, or just plain bugs.
    10) Speed things up. Why am I waiting ~30 seconds to do simple things like update a bid for a keyword? And more importantly, why is it not even telling me its doing anything? If I didn't have Firefox with Firebug it would just seem like Save was a button that doesn't do anything.
    11) I know you guys love your .net. But seriously. Speed things up.
    12) EVERYTHING takes forever.

    When I first started using adcenter I found myself lost quite a few times, but now I'm used to it and like the way things are organized, for the most part. Someday adCenter might be good but for the time being its a distant third.

    Oh, and also... please add a little bit of Opera support. I know Opera is sometimes a pain to develop for, but right now, I can't even login. I would tolerate only being able to view and not edit information.


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  • How about a pause function for keywords?  Its very annoying having to keep a seperate record of keywords that we want to pause since the system only allows to add(live)/delete keywords. 

  • Hey Caroline!!

    something that I think would be very simple to implement, and is often overlooked, would be a 'custom date range' option in the campaigns tab (currently only has last week, yesterday etc.... and doesnt offer the ability to check specific dates)

     Also, I had a massive list that I brought to AdChamps, but didnt have enough time... do you want them all? :D

    Eloi Casali - SEM Consultant for Digitas, part of the Publicis Groupe

  • Thanks everyone for your valuable feedback! I'll be taking your requests and ideas to the product team for their consideration and to see if they're on their radar.

    Eloi - if you have more requests that you didn't have time to share, please list them out here - we want to make sure to capture them.



    Carolyn Miller

    adCenter Community Team PM

  • Hi Carolyn,

    All of the above and...

    • Ability to pause keywords
    • Speed up the reporting
    • Dynamic text insertion {KeyWord:backup}
      • allow adjusting the case siz

  • Nav Nouhi

    Hi Carolyn,

    All of the above and...

    • Ability to pause keywords
    • Speed up the reporting
    • Dynamic text insertion {KeyWord:backup}
    • allow adjusting the case size



    I'd also like to add the feature of treating keyword/match type as individual keywords as opposed to the current method of keyword/multiple match types. The fact that you cannot have a broad bid without exact/phrase minimum bids is out of this world. Deleting keywords entails deleting the keyword and all match types. What if Exact is out performing Broad and I want to delete the Broad keyword? I can't do it. Now adCenter and I are both losing. I'm losing potential revenue while adCenter is losing my ad dollars. How am I supposed to optimize my accounts while deleting keywords means I could be deleting a "good" keyword? It's counter intuitive. 

    Feel free to contact me directly if you have any questions or would like clarification.