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Bing Account Closed

Hi There, I had made Bing ads account on 25th June 2014 and it was working fine till 6th August. On 6th August I added a new debit card to our account and now suddenly I am getting this error As a security...

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Want to remove my Old Company Name From My Certificate

Can anyone suggest how to remove my old company name from my certificate. Actually, I had remove all details about my old company. And all over it is updated but when i am downloading my certificate then on my certificate...

Latest post by  –  Thu, Aug 14 2014 8:48 AM  (2 replies)

Bing Ads account closed without explantion

For 9 years we advertised first with Yahoo Ads and after the migration with Microsoft Bing Ads. One year ago I tried to log into our BING Ads account but it kept telling me the account does not exist. During the...

Latest post by  –  Fri, May 16 2014 12:30 PM  (2 replies)

I can't login my bing ads account

I started with bing ads 2 days ago.i deposite $100 and creat a new campaign .it worked. today i can't login my bing ads account with no reason?I still login my hotmail . please help me

Latest post by  –  Fri, Apr 11 2014 6:36 AM  (1 reply)

We don’t recognize this Microsoft account:

I am a new advertiser having just put up an ad campaign before 4 days and also tried to add Credit Cards for Payments, which went unsuccessful and one of the Credit Card got block too. Although I received an email...

Latest post by  –  Mon, Mar 31 2014 5:44 PM  (3 replies)

Bidding, Budgets & Billing
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Change Postpaid payment to Prepaid.

Hello, I am looking to change my postpaid payment method to Prepaid. Thanks, Raheel

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About Add Cart

I'm newbie. I have been received a coupon code from Bing Ads. I created a new Bing Ads account and Add Cart to payment method. I filled four times and all receive an error but BingAds still charged my card....

Latest post by  –  Mon, Aug 25 2014 4:35 PM  (1 reply)

problem when add my card in bing ads

I've a problem when I add my payoneer card in my account in bing ads, show me this message : edit card cannot be authorized. Your credit or debit card could not be authorized. Please verify that the information...

Latest post by  –  Fri, Aug 22 2014 2:12 PM  (1 reply)

credit card charged but no money in my account?

I'm still having this problem and i need to start my campaign but cant get any money in my account. My debit card is being charged a little over $1 every time i try to recharge my bing account but no money comes...

Latest post by  –  Fri, Aug 22 2014 2:09 PM  (1 reply)

Email billing statements

Isn't there some way to have the system email us billing statements when they are available? We need these for accounting purposes and you're the only company we work with that makes us log on to get our...

Latest post by  –  Wed, Aug 20 2014 9:58 AM  (1 reply)

Bing Ads Editor
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Importing Negative Keywords

How can I import negative keywords to only one campaign as oppose to all active campaigns? I used the template but when I went to import them it seemed to be a general import to my bing account as oppose to...

Latest post by  –  Wed, Aug 20 2014 10:19 AM  (1 reply)

Can not upload changes, please help me!!

Hello, When i upload my changes, the error messages always pops up.(just as the following image). Then the bing editor freeze and I have to restart my computer if i want to use it again. Please help me. Thank...

Latest post by  –  Wed, Aug 6 2014 8:19 AM  (1 reply)

Hanging on upload

It is taking a very long time (10+ minutes) to upload a few changes in the BingAds Editor

Latest post by  –  Thu, Jul 31 2014 4:30 PM  (2 replies)

Match Type mass update

I can't come up with a way to do a mass update for Match Type. Is this possible? In an account with 20k keywords, I have 17k with Broad match and 3k with Exact match. I want to change them all to broad match...

Latest post by  –  Thu, Jul 31 2014 2:35 AM  (7 replies)

Bing Ads - Boon for Small Businesses ?

Data released yesterday by small business (SMB) marketing platform Pricing Engine argues, as a number of others have in the past, that Bing ads are a “more efficient” Any thoughts your experience...

Latest post by  –  Wed, Jul 30 2014 7:40 AM  (1 reply)

Bing Ads Intelligence
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auction insights

How do I get it on BAI? I tried re-installing it but it still didn't show up. Anything else I need to do?

Latest post by  –  Mon, Aug 25 2014 6:50 AM  (2 replies)

Estimating Number Of Clicks

Hello, I am new to Bing Ads. I need to know how any clicks my campaign will produce after I have set a budget and bids for keywords. Is there a way to figure this out? Earlier I have used google adwords and...

Latest post by  –  Wed, Aug 13 2014 6:21 AM  (1 reply)

Unable to Install! .NET 4.0 Error

I've just downloaded the Microsoft Ads Intelligence tool but every time I try to install it, I get the following error: The following Microsoft Office support for .NET Framework 4.0 in not installed: Microsoft...

Latest post by  –  Wed, Aug 6 2014 12:28 PM  (1 reply)

Do I really need to implement the Bing Tracking Codes?

Hey, We are having some trouble implementing the Bing Tracking Codes. According to our IT department, it is not possible to implement them (I don't understand why, but that's just a fact). So we are...

Latest post by  –  Tue, Jul 29 2014 11:58 PM  (4 replies)

BAI is not showing in excel 2007?

Hi, I followed the procedure to install the BAI. and seems installed correctly. When I open the excel 2007, the BAI is not added on it? where can i find this in excel? Thanks

Latest post by  –  Fri, Jul 25 2014 7:59 AM  (1 reply)

Bing Rich Captions
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Product Ads Closed Beta

Hi all! We're all excited about the latest announcement about Rich Captions and Product Ads (

Latest post by  –  Fri, Jun 6 2014 1:48 PM  (7 replies)

B_Category for Bing catalog

Hi, I want to add the B_Category in my Bing catalog for product ads but i am not getting a way to find them. Like there are some already defined categories in google for google feed, the same way i am looking...

Latest post by  –  Mon, Apr 21 2014 11:19 AM  (2 replies)

Claim Your Domain - Store Creation Issue

Hi, Some merchants may encounter a problem when trying to create a store using a migrated Microsoft Account (MSA). You will recognize this issue if you attempted to create the store and received an error message...

Latest post by  –  Tue, Mar 25 2014 9:02 AM  (1 reply)

Now Available : Deletion of Stores and Catalogs!

Hi all! As of the release yesterday, you can delete stores and catalogs! We've had a number of requests for this and now it's available! Stephen

Latest post by  –  Fri, Mar 7 2014 1:43 PM  (0 replies)

New Store Creation Procedure - Claim Your Domain

Hi all! Starting 3/6/14, you'll need to 'claim your domain' in the webmaster tools before creating your store. The Merchant Integration Guide (

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Campaign Analytics, Conversion Tracking & Reporting
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Please someone help me - Bing support has been useless!!

Hi All, I have tried speaking to Bing via the online chat and over the phone and everytime I have done so it has been one of the most frustrating experiences! I contact them to ask how to do something then I end...

Latest post by  –  Fri, Aug 22 2014 3:07 PM  (1 reply)

Conversion tracking when we don't have a confirmation page

Hi there, I'm trying to figure out a good way to handle conversion tracking when there isn't a confirmation page. The main thing I'm trying to track is the successful entry of an email address on a...

Latest post by  –  Wed, Aug 6 2014 12:31 PM  (1 reply)

API Change History Reports

We use the API to control of the location targeting. Why cant I see the changes made via the API in the change history report? Is there another way to find that data?

Latest post by  –  Wed, Jul 16 2014 10:47 AM  (1 reply)

Download deleted campaign Data

Hello Forum, i wasn't able to download data from deleted campaigns via .Net Api and the Method SubmitGenerateReport. Are there any possibilites to download data from deleted campaigns this way. We need these...

Latest post by  –  Tue, Jul 8 2014 10:45 AM  (1 reply)

How to cancel scheduled report?

I keep getting scheduled reports emailed to me. i created them but now can't figure out where i go to stop them.

Latest post by  –  Tue, Jul 8 2014 9:30 AM  (1 reply)

Content Ads & Syndicated Search
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What happened to distribution settings?

I used to be able to specify whether ads would be shown only on bing/yahoo or also on partner sites. What happened to that option and what is the default now?

Latest post by  –  Fri, Jul 25 2014 12:15 PM  (2 replies)

Disapproved Ads - Again? The Same ads?

Bing disapproved a couple of ads. I discussed it with them and they turned the ad back on because they did not understand the content. So I go on vacation, pause my ads, I turn my ads back on. And they disapprove...

Latest post by  –  Wed, May 7 2014 10:58 AM  (1 reply)

Does Bing have a program like Google Adsense?

If so please let me know, I would like to sign up.

Latest post by  –  Tue, Feb 18 2014 12:47 PM  (4 replies)

Quadrupled CPC on content network in a hour. CPA lower by 1/2

Ok, what is next thing? I have used content network for a years. On 2nd or 3rd January CPC jumped 4x and CPA is lower 2x. Which made my advertising useless. Tried to lower CPC on content network. Then things went...

Latest post by  –  Sun, Jan 26 2014 9:52 AM  (1 reply)

broad modifier search match type

hi, (1) if my keyword is: Brother +MFC7360 would the following search terms trigger my ad? 1. brother 7360 2. brother 7380 toner 3. brother printer MFC-7360DN toner what if I change the KW to: Brother +7360...

Latest post by  –  Thu, Jan 9 2014 4:15 AM  (1 reply)

Editorial Policy Guidance
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Trademark Features

Hi I would like to confirm, that if I have bought a trademark for brands eg. HP, MSN, DELL, AOL. Can I run their ads on bing and yahoo network for USA and CANADA. Alongwith, what our steps or policies shall I...

Latest post by  –  Wed, Aug 13 2014 6:27 AM  (1 reply)

PPC Campaign for Electronic Cigarettes

I would like to start an AdCenter PPC campaign for my site Electronic Cigarette review site. Before I create the campaign I would like to know if that type of product is welcome on AdCenter. If you don't know...

Latest post by  –  Tue, May 20 2014 8:23 PM  (8 replies)

Ads Appearing as 'Approved Limited' but no Impressions Served (UK Gambling)

Hello, I have imported a Google AdWords account for the following url - The ads & keywords are appearing as 'Approved Limited' but no impressions have been served. We...

Latest post by  –  Thu, May 1 2014 11:18 PM  (1 reply)

2 Bing adcenter accounts for same business multiple websites

Hi folks, Can we create multiple Bing adCenter accounts for multiple websites to promote the client business or not? For e.g. we have one website which deals with xyz business. We create one Bing...

Latest post by  –  Wed, Apr 23 2014 10:30 AM  (21 replies)

Can you run ads on 2 separate accounts for the same websites?

Is this possible? Are they negatives to this?

Latest post by  –  Fri, Apr 11 2014 6:42 AM  (1 reply)

General Troubleshooting / Miscellaneous
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Why is Bing afraid of being effective?

I really want to get more use out of Bing but it is so poorly implemented. You can't target by county, you can't write your own ad schedule and so much more. Every time I try to use Bing I realize I am wasting...

Latest post by  –  Mon, Aug 25 2014 10:59 AM  (3 replies)

Product Feeds

Hi, I have a direct product feed upload in the Google format updating daily on an automated schedule with Bing Ads. Today, none of the products were updates and the reason given is "Bing is fetching the images"...

Latest post by  –  Fri, Aug 22 2014 4:07 PM  (1 reply)

Opening a second account

I've spoken with an advisor over chat about opening a second account, he said this is allowed. I understand I will essentially be competing against my other account but there is a big potential for me to increase...

Latest post by  –  Wed, Aug 20 2014 10:50 AM  (1 reply)

How can I have Badge in other languages

Hi, my Web Agency is international and I wonder how can I get the Badge also in other languages? Actually can download only the Italian version. Thank Matt

Latest post by  –  Wed, Aug 13 2014 6:29 AM  (1 reply)

35 characters in display URL

I just tried to import campaigns from Google, but got the same error message I got from Google in the beginning. Display URL must have 35 characters or less. When I contacted Google and told them that I did not...

Latest post by  –  Wed, Aug 6 2014 9:47 AM  (2 replies)

Geographic & Demographic Targeting
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'Location' setting

In settings under locations I have selected "United States". Are my ads only being served to people in the US or do I have to exclude every other country?

Latest post by  –  Mon, May 19 2014 6:27 AM  (1 reply)

Shopping / Display Ads being shown to Canadian web users

while browsing, I noticed Bing is currently showing shopping/display ads while being based in Canada. This needs to be changed for the following reasons: -unfair to Canadian based advertisers that are not allowed...

Latest post by  –  Thu, Apr 24 2014 10:19 AM  (1 reply)


I've set some target countries but in the end bingads set my ads to a country where i did not wanted my ad to be seen. And people from there only spend around 10 seconds. They wasted my money to a place where...

Latest post by  –  Fri, Apr 11 2014 6:30 AM  (1 reply)

Having problem in campaign with Portugal located people that uses

Hello, I have configured an account to target searches performed from Portugal at, however I have almost 0 impressions. Could you please support me?

Latest post by  –  Mon, Mar 10 2014 11:04 AM  (2 replies)

Target Location Setting

Hi. I'm working on putting together 200 campaigns with a total of 16,000 Ad Groups. Within each ad group there is only one city and we therefore only want to Target that particular city for that Ad Group. It's...

Latest post by  –  Tue, Mar 4 2014 7:05 AM  (1 reply)

Getting Started with Bing Ads
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Research Keywords Tool

In the "Research Keywords" tool, what does the impression column (Impr.) represent? I'm asking because I see the Impr. number can be higher than the Last Month Searches number. Thanks for any assistance...

Latest post by  –  Wed, Aug 20 2014 12:42 PM  (1 reply)

Can I promote sales of my products on my iOffer store?

Hi there, My name is Vino Rayen and I am a 57+ year old man living in India. As for as Bing Ads is concerned, it is totally new for me. I have been listing some products like eBooks, Photos, T-shirts and jewelry...

Latest post by  –  Tue, Jun 10 2014 12:04 PM  (1 reply)

Newbie question about ad positioning

Hi folks, forgive me if this is a dumb question. I tend to ask questions as I work through things so that they don't stay on my mind and keep me from fully taking in new material. MAINLINE VS. BEST POSITION...

Latest post by  –  Fri, May 23 2014 11:20 AM  (1 reply)

Creating Bing Ads Account From Morocco

Dear All, I hope this finds you well. I'm A long-time Adwords expert, wishing to start the Bing adventure, and propose it to my clients & partners. While trying to register, the country list dosen't...

Latest post by  –  Thu, May 15 2014 3:11 PM  (1 reply)

Added coupon code but still balance is 0.00

I read over a solution for someone else who was having the exact same problem. I've followed the same steps and quadruple-checked everything. I redeemed the code, it congratulated me, and now there's no...

Latest post by  –  Mon, Mar 17 2014 5:03 AM  (1 reply)

Low Clicks/Impressions/Position
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How can I turn off ads via &

Hi there, I have search campaign at Bing and I displays in content network are surely turned off. Meanwhile I get displays at 3rd party sites and low quality traffic from there. It is marked that ads at that...

Latest post by  –  Wed, Aug 20 2014 11:07 AM  (1 reply)

Is anyone doing good business on Bing Ads

Im a massage therapist in NYC Queens area, I have been advertising with Bing Ads for two Months, 3000 impressions and 277 Clicks, Not One phone call,from bing ads, All my calls come from google adwords or other...

Latest post by  –  Mon, Jul 14 2014 9:27 PM  (2 replies)

Doing something wrong?

Hi all, here's our situation. We're running (and very successfully) dozens of thousands of SMB campaigns in AdWords with huge monthly budget as you can imagine. Campaigns are extremely targeted and delivering...

Latest post by  –  Mon, Jul 14 2014 9:25 PM  (3 replies)

Why Poor Landingpage User Experience ?

Im trying to advertise my Website with Bing Ads but the problem is that i have a Quality Score of only 3.The keyword relevance is good,the Landingpage relevance is no problem but the Landingpage User Experience...

Latest post by  –  Tue, May 20 2014 11:42 AM  (1 reply)

Impression, Clicks Decreased from 2 Million a day to 700K Max. clicks decreases from 14k to 6k.

Hi This all started with the inclusion of keyword expansion advised by Yahoo. the match type for this are only Exact about 1600 Exact keywords were added and than our Impression and clicks went down significantly...

Latest post by  –  Tue, Apr 22 2014 11:53 AM  (1 reply)

Where's My Ad?
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Campagin is eligible but is not running

Hello I am new in bing ads. I have received Coupon for $50 on my email. I redeemed it and my status looks like this I have created a new campaing like 6 hours ago that should...

Latest post by  –  Wed, Aug 13 2014 6:32 AM  (1 reply)

How authentic is this Ad Preview Tool is ?

Hi, As i am running campaigns related to technical support and what i want to know is after resuming my campaigns, when i check my ads through preview tools option i can see my ads on 1st or 2nd position but at...

Latest post by  –  Wed, Feb 19 2014 9:09 AM  (1 reply)

Ads do not show

Hi, My ads do not show up in the search results. Can someone contact me pls? Thanks!

Latest post by  –  Wed, Feb 12 2014 5:56 AM  (2 replies)

Campaign not running.

Hi, everything is active and eligible on my campaign, but it doesn't appear to be running. Any information?

Latest post by  –  Thu, Jan 30 2014 11:14 AM  (1 reply)

Ad preview and diagnostics tool error

I understand the tool is in beta, but advertisers need tools that work. Error message received. "Bing Ads has encountered an error and is unable to continue with your selected action. Click Support at the...

Latest post by  –  Thu, Oct 24 2013 6:55 PM  (2 replies)